Impossible To Please

Do you have high standards or are you just impossible to please? When someone manages to impress you, do you let them know?

I know, letting others see your softer side is risky. But we don't want you to lose your reputation. Consider giving a back-handed compliment.

Pump up their ego and let them down gently. Remind them that they have your attention, but that you aren't lowering the bar for them in the future.

Sarcastic Giftcards

This really is a thing. I've done it a handful of times over the last several years. Perhaps you are wondering how do you make giving someone a gift card a sarcastic experience? Do you give them one to little or nothing left? No. That's probably a bit too drastic.

So how exactly do you pull it off? Read more…

Leap Day

February 29 is our favorite 'non-holiday' to celebrate. It only happens once every four years. In that same spirit, we having a sale so big that it can only happen once every 4 years as well.

Use code LEAPDAY and get 29% off all day February 29.

Launch Day

It is with great excitement that Cardonic LLC is launching today to provide a fresh take on personal greetings. Most greeting cards lack true personality. I strive to create unique greetings with snark, wit and great design. Giving gifts is all about personal connection and emotional response. Cardonic cards will do just that. Embrace who you are, and let our cards help you say what you are thinking. Read more…